Srinidhi Bharadwaj Kalgundi Srinivas

I am a graduate student in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department of University of California San Diego. My major is Intelligent Systems, Robotics and Control. I am a student researcher at Contextual Robotics Institute’s Autonomous Vehicle Laboratory working on road network estimation and dynamic scene modeling for autonmous navigation in urban environment under the supervsion of Prof. Henrik I. Christensen.

I obtained my undergraduate degree in Electronics and Telecommunication engineering from PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore during which I worked with Prof. Niranjana Krupa on SSVEP based Brain Computer Interface for Game Control.

Before starting my master’s, I worked at Analog Device Inc, Bangalore as a Senior Software Engineer in the Infotainment, Processing and Connectivity team. Our team was responsible for desigining and developing platform agnostic software framework for next generation automotive bus architecture, Automotive Audio Bus. I was also involved with developing A2B plugins for Analog Devices’ audio networking tool - SigmaStudio. I am fortunate to have been mentored my some of the brightest minds at ADI - Jagannath Rotti, Prasanna Thirumaleshwara, Karthik Radhakrishna, Suhasini Raghuram.

For more information about my background, feel free to have a look at my resume.

Research Interests

  • Perception
  • Intersection of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Vision and Deep Neural Networks
  • Edge AI


  • Spot award at Analog Devices
  • Prof. MRD merit scholarship

Extra-cirricular Experience

  • Colloborated with Step Up for India as English teacher for under priviliged children as part of the CSR team at ADI
  • I was a part of the Young Professional Network at ADI
  • Organized community development program for children of a government school in Bangalore from PES Institute of Technology
  • Organized an event for the science fest of PES Institute of Technology called “Evidence” which involved solving a murder mystery using forensic analysis